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ER - Madison

23 min Average

Appreciative of the Care We Received

May 28, 2016

Though we have only had 2 experiences with Meriter and it's staff, we could not be more appreciative and thankful for the care we have received. Recently, I needed to have an emergent procedure performed on the Friday of a holiday weekend. I presented to the ER and was quickly roomed, labs drawn and multiple diagnostics were performed and I was admitted and in my hospital room all within 1.5 hours! As a healthcare provider, this is absolutely amazing. Each member of the staff from ER triage to discharge was fantastic, compassionate to my situation and very willing to go the extra step to make sure I was comfortable along with my family. We unfortunately are leaving the area in the near future and one of the saddest parts is that when we hopefully deliver another child, but it will not be at Meriter. Thank you so much for making a difficult time in our lives as comforting as you could. A special thank you to Dr.'s Joelle Thomas and Katherine O'Rourke and Surgery RN Mike and Surgical Tech Jillian, Anesthesiologist, Dr. Barbara Caropreso and 9th floor staff including Pran and Tammy. And finally, Dr. Beres for orchestrating the entire stay on her day off. Thank you.

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