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Dr. Solfelt and his staff made my health their first priority.

December 21, 2015

Dr. Solfelt and his staff made my health their first priority. 

After I fell and sustained a nasty tibial plateau fracture, the Meriter emergency staff referred me to Dr. Solfelt. At the first meeting, he did an excellent job of explaining my options and discussing the possible risks and benefits of having surgery or not having surgery to pin the bone in place. 

Once I had made the decision to have the surgery, he listened carefully to my concerns about possible allergic reactions to drugs and foods used to formulate drugs. Throughout the process of setting up the surgery and coordinating the team, Dr. Solfelt took a very hands-on approach to managing all the details, so that the anesthesiologists, pharmacists, and other professionals understood the allergy issues. As a result, there were no mistakes and no bad reactions. 

Dr. Solfelt and the staff in his office took great care of me during the 16 weeks of my recovery. They were always there and responsive when I had questions, and had great tips for beginning physical therapy exercises at home before I was able to put any weight on my leg. The final outcome is great: I am walking without the need for any assistance and have resumed my "normal," pre-fall exercise regimen.

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