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UnityPoint Health - Madison

Price Transparency

Hospital Services

We provide pricing and quality information from UnityPoint Health – Meriter for the 75 most common inpatient stays and the 75 most frequent outpatient surgical procedures in Wisconsin.

For these sample stays and procedures and assuming no medical complications, the information includes:

  • The median billed charges for these stays and procedures at Meriter hospital
  • The average allowable payment under Medicare for these stays and procedures
  • The average allowable payment from insurers and health plans for these stays and procedures

In addition, you can request a copy of public information regarding the quality of health care services at Meriter Hospital as compared to other hospitals for these stays and procedures.

Group Services

Pricing information from UnityPoint Health – Meriter for the 25 most common medical conditions in Wisconsin is not yet available. Information will be provided upon release.

The information will include:

  • The median billed charges by Meriter
  • The average allowable payment by Medicare
  • The range of charges by providers in the Madison area

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Patient Business Services at (608) 417-3800 or toll-free (866) 286-6727, or visit the Patient Registration Department located in the Meriter hospital lobby.

Additional Information from Your Insurer or Health Plan

You also have the right to request from your insurer or health plan an estimate of your total out of pocket costs related to these stays and procedures. You will need to contact your insurer or health plan to find out how to obtain this information.

Independent Physician Groups

Bills you receive from Meriter Hospital are for hospital services only. Physicians bill separately for their services. For example, if your treatment required the services of a radiologist (for reading x-rays or scans), a pathologist (for lab or specimen readings), an emergency room physician, an anesthesiologist or any other physician, you will receive a separate bill from their office. You are entitled to receive cost information from these independent physician groups by calling them directly.