Caring for a Premature Baby: Stuffy Nose and Hiccups

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Stuffy Nose and Hiccups

What if my baby has a stuffy nose?

By adding humidity to the house, (turning on the shower, washing clothes or having a humidifier) it may help your baby to breath easier. If the stuffiness continues and your baby doesn't seem to be getting any better, it is wise to call the doctor to have it checked out. It could be a cold.

Are hiccups and sneezes normal?

Yes, hiccups and sneezes are normal. Normally the hiccups will just go away by letting them run their course. You can offer a little water and if you are breast feeding let him/her suckle at the breast for a minute or two. Hiccups may also be a sign that your baby is feeling a little stressed and needs to have some quiet time.

Sneezes will help to clear the passages of your baby's nose. It is nature's way of helping the infant get rid of dust or other irritants. Persistent sneezing may be a signal that the nose needs to be cleared with the bulb syringe. Sneezing also occurs when your baby has a cold.