Pre-Op Clinic (PAC)

Pre-operative Assessment Clinic

The Pre-operative Assessment Clinic (PAC) was developed to try and minimize complications after surgery, to reduce surgical cancellations or delays and to improve patient education and care. Research has shown that with better pre-operative evaluation many complications and cancellations can be avoided at the time of surgery. In addition, the education process de-creases anxiety about the surgery and makes patients more aware about what to expect around the time of surgery. Patients that are more informed before the surgery can have a better overall surgical experience and outcome. 

What to Bring to the Appointment: 

  1. Medication List 
  2. Test results 
  3. Caregiver or support person 

What to expect 

The appointment will take about one hour to complete.  During the appointment the nurse practitioner will: 

  • Review pre-operative education and teaching
  • Post-operative care
  • Review tests ordered by your primary care physician
  • Discuss which medications should or should not be taken before or after surgery
  • Discuss post-operative pain control
  • Coordinate care with other health care providers including the hospitalist service and the anesthesiologist   


The education and teaching done during the pre-operative visit is extremely valuable for both the patient and their caregivers to prepare for expectations after surgery.  The education curriculum includes details that the patient needs to know before and after surgery.  The curriculum includes: 

  • What to expect the day of surgery and after
  • What to do upon your arrival to the hospital
  • How your pain will be managed
  • How to care for your surgical incision after surgery
  • Physical/occupational therapy plan and protocols
  • What home equipment is needed
  • Activity restrictions following surgery