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Patient Stories 

Children struggling with mental health disorders often go unseen because of misconceptions, stigma, and lack of appropriate professional services. We all know someone who needs help.  

Ken's Story 

Ken was a patient at UnityPoint Health - Meriter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) when he was struggling with anxiety, depression and suicide attempts. Please take a few minutes to listen to his story and hear how CAP saved his life. Meriter is expanding its facility to care for more kids, like Ken.

Grace's Story 

At the age of 6, Grace was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and social anxiety disorder. During first grade, her fidgeting, talking out of turn, and classroom interruptions resulted in 17 trips to the principal's office. Grace couldn't control what was happening to her. School became a negative experience. She was scared. At home, Grace would hide, scream, and cry that she didn't want to go to school. One morning she became so upset, shaking and vomiting, that her mother took her to the emergency room. That's where Grace and her family found CAP. Grace learned coping skills and realized she isn't a bad person. She knows she is supported, loved and understood as she gets better. Today, Grace has hope. 

Jamal's Story 

The world has been unforgiving to Jamal. He has never understood why. By age 7, he witnessed things a child shouldn't see. He has been exposed to drug use, neglect, and the abuse of his mother. Lashing out at the world, he struck his grandmother, broke a car window, and ran away. He feels alone. He is scared and angry. CAP helps children like Jamal learn coping skills and techniques to overcome traumatic experiences.

Samantha's Story 

Depression has haunted Samantha for as long as she can remember. She is only 14. Her life has been a constant struggle with sadness, something she couldn't explain or overcome. Her parents thought she'd grow out of it. Sam felt trapped and alone. It wasn't until her mom walked in on Sam cutting herself that she realized the extent of her daughter's pain and the need for help. CAP sees patients like Samantha and supports the entire family with tools that provide respite and resilience during life's most difficult challenges. 

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