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NewStart Adolescent Services

NewStart offers comprehensive, individualized treatment that addresses the special needs of youth ages 12-18. 

We work with youth in all aspects relating to substance use disorders, including those associated with school, family, and other relationship issues. We've designed NewStart services to have a minimum disruption in the patient's daily activities, so that adolescents, families and caregivers can continue with school, work and their home lives.

Call us at (608) 417-8144 to learn more about NewStart's Adolescent Services.  

NewStart Adolescent Services 

During the initial assessment, adolescents and their caregivers will meet with a NewStart counselor to determine an individualized treatment plan. Depending on the patient's needs and unique circumstances, we will recommend a treatment plan that may include any of the following:  

Individual Treatment Services 

We may recommend individual treatment with a counselor for adolescents who would respond best to a one-on-one counseling approach. We establish specific treatment goals and schedule regular appointments with the adolescent and, if indicated, the family. The counselor will also collaborate with other support systems in the adolescent's life, if recommended, as part of the treatment plan.

Educational Support Group

A group setting may be appropriate for some adolescents who have experienced alcohol and/or other drugs. They can move toward a healthier lifestyle through education, support and a focus on common developmental issues.

Intensive Outpatient Program

NewStart offers an intensive, twice-weekly program in which adolescents attend both sessions and parents attend one per week. Our major focus is on therapeutic issues, education and parenting strategies. Adolescents and families connect with additional community supports throughout the intensive outpatient program.

Continuing Care

Adolescents transition into continuing care upon successful completion of the intensive outpatient program. Counseling staff will help adolescents continue their treatment success in the community while remaining focused on relapse prevention.


Insurance coverage for patients with substance use disorders varies with each insurance carrier. Please contact your insurance carrier for questions about your coverage.