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Common Problems of NICU Infants

Anticipating the Birth of a Premature Infant

Congratulations! You are about to start the most wonderful, terrifying, exhilarating and rewarding experience of your life - becoming a parent! Parenting a "preemie" will bring a new set of challenges that many other parents won't face, but there will also be joys and rewards that most other parents don't get to experience. Whether your new baby is a few weeks or a few months early, there will be ups and downs, decisions to make, and technology that will be difficult to understand.

The birth of a premature infant is rarely expected. You may be forewarned by weeks or days, but sometimes only hours or minutes. Carefully constructed birth plans often go by the wayside and whatever you may have envisioned as the ideal birth is replaced by medications, monitors, countless medical professionals, sometimes surgery, and sometimes immediate transport of your infant to another hospital without you.

Authors for Common Newborn Problems Information

Jane E. Brazy, MD - Neonatologist
Barbara Anderson, MS, Education
Patricia Becker, RN, PhD - Maternal-Child Nursing
Marion Becker, RN, PhD, Health Education
Brenda Francis, SN
Michael Hynan, PhD - Psychologist/Parent of Preemie
Mary Ircink, BSN - Newborn Nurse
Grace Thompson, RN, MS