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Joint Care

What is JointCare?

UnityPoint Health - Meriter hospital works collaboratively with orthopedic surgeons from around the community to provide comprehensive joint replacement surgical options for the people we serve. We have an expert staff of clinical nurses, discharge planners and a dedicated physical and occupational therapy staff ready to assist you. The collaboration has developed into a program called JointCare. Our program is designed to help educate and guide you through joint replacement surgery both physically and emotionally from the time you schedule the surgery through the first weeks after surgery.

JointCare Philosophy

Our JointCare is designed to have an emphasis on your personal wellness and to support you as you go through the joint replacement process. Our thought is that you are a healthy individual who happens to have a "bad joint" and we want to treat you as a healthy, active participant in your recovery. You are encouraged to take the time to examine your current lifestyle and make any changes that would be beneficial to your health prior to your surgery. We also encourage you to be involved throughout your pre-admission work up, your hospital stay and further rehab recovery. We hope we can provide you with information that will prepare you for what to expect during the process and hospital stay, so that you can be involved with your care!

Our team feels it is as important for you and your "coach" to be involved in your care for the best possible outcome. We will work with you and your "coach" to help you identify ways to help make you comfortable, understand your exercises, and how to care for yourself at home. Each day you and your "coach" will be involved in many activities such as dressing into loose comfortable clothes, attending physical and occupational therapy sessions in your room or in the therapy gym. We are ready to work with you to achieve your personal goals!

What Will Help You?

  • You have already taken the first step to find out more about a joint replacement
  • Keep an open mind and learn throughout the process
  • Keep your positive attitude
  • Find a "coach" to help you throughout the process
  • Attend Joint Class at UnityPoint Health - Meriter hospital
  • Examine your lifestyle and make positive changes!
  • Eat Healthy
  • Think about and plan for your return home before you go to surgery
  • Be prepared, write down questions

Register for JointCare

  1. To register on-line, click on one of the classes listed below:
  2. To register over the phone, call (608) 417-6020

If you have questions about our JointCare program, please contact the JointCare Coordinator at (608) 417-7446.