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Golf Performance Analysis

Do you experience pain with your golf swing or are you recovering from an injury or surgery? Do you find it difficult to do what the pro tells you to do? Meriter Sports Medicine may be able to help.

The golf swing is a highly complex motion that places extreme demands on the musculoskeletal system. Through high-speed video analysis, our professionals can identify and address key factors that may be causing pain or limitation during your golf swing. These may include:

  • Joint restriction
  • Decreased coordination
  • Muscular tightness
  • Poor posture
  • Limited balance
  • Strength deficits

Analysis Options

Performance Evaluation ($90)

A 60 minute comprehensive, one-on-one evaluation including:
  • Video Swing Analysis with Pro Trainer DV – Using high-speed video analysis software, the sports professionals at Meriter Sports Medicine can capture your swing at 60 frames per second, allowing frame-by-frame evaluation of your swing biomechanics. This will help pinpoint musculoskeletal limitations that are contributing to your pain.
  • Thorough musculoskeletal evaluation – A physical therapist will assess your posture, joint mobility, flexibility, strength and balance, for restrictions or limitations that may be inhibiting your golf swing or causing pain.
  • Personalized Exercise Plan – Using the information obtained from the video analysis and the musculoskeletal evaluation, along with your personal goals, you and your physical therapist will develop a personalized exercise plan specifically designed to address your limitations. The goal is to identify the key areas to be addressed and create a plan that allows you to quickly and easily target them. You will be given written and picture instructions to assist with the performance of your corrective exercises.
  • Take Home Visual Feedback Info – As an added bonus, you will be provided both a CD copy of your swing analysis and an 8-frame print-off showing the key phases of your swing. This will provide you with visual feedback that you can refer to as often as you need to reinforce the correction of your body mechanics.

Performance Evaluation - Package ($180)

This thorough package includes:

  • 60 Minute Performance Evaluation – See above for details.
  • Two 30 minute Follow-up Sessions
  • Hands-on Guidance – By choosing the performance package, you will receive additional one-on-one time with the sports specialist from Meriter Sports Medicine. During these sessions, your physical therapist will give you feedback and hands-on guidance to ensure correct mechanics and performance of your home exercise program.

These performance evaluations are currently available at Meriter Physical Therapy – 2275 Deming Way, Suite B100. To schedule an appointment, call (608) 417-8025.

Physical Therapy Related to Golf

If the pain and limitation you experience during golf also affects your ability to complete daily activities (ie; yard work, household chores, dressing, bathing, sleeping), physical therapy can help! Physical therapy services may include:

  • Performance Evaluation – See above for details.
  • Additional Therapy Treatment Options – During formal treatment, the physical therapist can utilize modalities to reduce acute pain, joint mobilization to restore proper joint mechanics, traction for neck and low back pain, and more.
  • Education on Individualized Modification – Under certain circumstances such as after surgery, your body mechanics may need to be modified to accommodate for any restrictions. Your physical therapist will work with you to make appropriate adaptations to allow you to continue golfing within your limitations.

Together, these services will provide a comprehensive treatment plan, facilitating a quicker resolution of your pain and return to your active lifestyle. With an appropriate physician referral, most insurances will cover physical therapy treatment.