Gestational Diabetes Class at UnityPoint Health - Meriter
UnityPoint Health - Madison

Gestational Diabetes Class

Gestational Diabetes Class is held every Tuesday at UnityPoint Health - Meriter hospital. During the first part of the class you will meet a Certified Diabetes Educator who will provide an overview of gestational diabetes, give you a glucose meter, and teach you how to use it. In the second hour you will meet a Registered Dietitian who will teach you how to eat to help you control your blood glucose. If someone else does most of the cooking, it is helpful to have that person attend class with you.

In the meantime, the tips below can help to control your glucose levels:

  • Avoid drinking regular soda or other sugary drinks (Kool-Aid, Gatorade, etc.).
  • If you drink juice, limit to a 4 to 6 ounce serving 
  • Avoid eating large portions of pasta, rice or French fries 
  • Limit added sugar, sweetened cereals and desserts to very small servings
  • Avoid eating large meals and include small snacks if you are hungry between meals
  • Do not eliminate fruit, bread, milk or other carbohydrates from your diet. 

Work on getting more physical activity. In general 30 minutes of exercise is recommended most days of the week. Most pregnant women can walk or participate in water exercises or low impact aerobic activities. If you cannot complete 30 minutes all at once, try two 15 minute periods.

Want more information?

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