Wellness Program for Individuals

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For Individuals

For individuals interested in taking control of their health, the Heart & Vascular Institute can help. We'll help you develop a program that meets your needs - whether you are just beginning a program or you are ready to expand to new levels.

Beginning a workout to improve your health?

Our Wellness Program offers comprehensive heart and vascular risk assessments.

Interested in establishing baseline fitness data for your exercise program?

Our dedicated wellness specialists and board-certified cardiologists will administer a personal fitness assessment and offer customized exercise prescriptions to help you set targets.

Do you want a high-tech profile of your heart health to get in shape with confidence?

The Wellness Program offers state-of-the-art cardiovascular prevention/detection services that go far beyond an annual physical. We include stress echocardiogram, advanced cholesterol analysis, carotid and other blood vessel analyses and other tests to measure heart and vascular health.

Need help sticking with a lifestyle improvement plan?

We provide ongoing support to keep you on track in the ongoing wellness process. Support includes guidance on nutrition/weight management, smoking cessation and cardiac risk reduction.