Executive Wellness Program for Companies

ER - Madison

7 min Average

For Companies

Reduction in health care costs has become part of every company's strategic plan. Our Executive Wellness Program at the Heart & Vascular Institute offers a top-down solution to help improve the health of your work force, reduce costly health claims and slow the increase in health insurance premiums. Companies can request onsite programs for employees including:

  • Corporate heart health and heart attack prevention strategies
  • A Wellness Seminar Series
  • Cholesterol, blood pressure and vascular screenings to identify early disease
  • Consultation for companies interested in establishing wellness programs or facilities

Comprehensive Care

We will customize a wellness program to address the time constraints and unique health care requirements of your corporate executives. Our dedicated wellness specialists will:

  • Help you define your corporate wellness philosophy
  • Meet with you to understand the wellness needs of your company executives and your overall workforce
  • Help you establish realistic program goals and objectives, based on the time and resources you are able to commit to a wellness program
  • Work with you to select the right mix of services for your custom-tailored program
  • Offer guidance for introducing your program to executives and staff

Our comprehensive health assessments include the following services in a private setting that includes leading edge technology and a one-on-one cardiovascular consultation with a board-certified cardiologist:

  • Complete medical exam
  • Comprehensive lab analysis
  • Cardiovascular health assessment (coronary risk profile)
  • Prevention services - risk/lifestyle assessment
  • Cardiovascular detection services
  • Personalized fitness assessment
  • Personalized nutrition assessment

Workplace Wellness Works

According to an article published on The Physician and Sports Medicine Online, "studies of high-profile work-site wellness programs suggest a number of important advantages... Participants report greater wellness and enhanced productivity". Objective data suggest that programs chiefly attract employees with a favorable attitude toward both work and health reduce absenteeism and employee turnover produce a small increase in productivity, and reduce healthcare costs. "The cumulative benefit has been estimated at $500 to $700 per worker per year, enough to cover the cost of a... wellness program."

Call the Heart & Vascular Institute to discuss how the Executive Wellness Program can meet your workplace wellness needs.