Facelift at UnityPoint Health - Meriter

ER - Madison

7 min Average


A facelift is typically performed to reduce visible signs of aging in the face and neck. Deep creases in the lower and mid-face, jowls in the lower-face and chin and a constant tired appearance may all be addressed with a facelift.

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A facelift should leave an individual with a subtle, refreshed change to their facial appearance. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive change that is in harmony with your overall appearance.

A good facelift candidate is a physically and mentally healthy individual with realistic expectations and a well-developed reason for pursuing the procedure. The best candidates are those seeking to match their outer physical appearance with their positive self-image. It is best to discuss your expectations during your initial consultation with Dr. Larson to ensure that your goals can be achieved.

In some cases, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments may be effective alternatives or complements to a facelift. The appropriateness of each procedure is determined by your unique body type, aging process and goals. With experience in the full spectrum of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Larson and his team can recommend the ideal procedure that will help you achieve the results you desire.

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