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Elbow Tendonitis

Elbow tendonitis is the inflammation, swelling and irritation of the tendons in the elbow. Most of the pain is felt close to the elbow area at the end of the tendon. This pain is often felt during or after activity but may be felt constantly throughout the day as the condition worsens.


  • Sudden increase in the intensity of exercise, movement or activity
  • Rapid increase in the frequency or training or exercise
  • Repetitive movement of the elbow over a prolonged period
  • Old age (the tendon becomes weaker and prone to injury)
  • Improperly sized sports equipment or poor sports specific technique


  • Pain when extending the arm during and/or after exercise or activity. This pain is felt at the back of the elbow where the tendon and elbow joint meet. 
  • Inflammation on the elbow area
  • A burning or hot sensation around the affected area after exercise or activity
  • Pain at night and first thing in the morning
  • Stiffness when trying to bend the elbow against resistance