Development Assessment Clinic at UnityPoint Health - Meriter
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NICU Follow-Up Clinic

We provide assessment services for infants and children who were born prematurely or have other factors in their history that places them at an increased risk for developmental problems. Developmental assessment is designed to identify any problem areas a child may have. The goal is to detect problems as soon as possible so appropriate treatment can be started early. This service is for children from birth through 30 months.

Infants who are at risk for developmental problems will be scheduled for an appointment in the NICU Follow-Up Clinic before they are discharged from the NICU. They will typically be scheduled for their first appointment six months after their due date. Further follow-up appointments will be scheduled at 18 months and 30 months. Each child is unique and not all developmental delays can be detected at the first appointment. Therefore, children at risk for developmental delays may benefit from assessment at different points during their early years.

Infants who were born prematurely at greater than 28 weeks gestational age or have other factors in their medical history that place them at risk for developmental delays are seen in the NICU Follow-Up Clinic. An evaluation is conducted by a registered nurse with a background in infant development and a pediatric physical, speech, and/or occupational therapist. The assessment includes an evaluation of your child's movement patterns, muscle tone, feeding and sleeping, and language. The appointment also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about your child's needs will be provided as well.