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COVID-19 Additional Resources

COVID-19 Testing Costs

An order from a healthcare provider is required for all COVID-19 testing at UnityPoint Health.

The cash price of the diagnostic test performed and processed at UnityPoint Health is based upon the instrumentation used for testing, as defined by UnityPoint Health testing criteria:

  • COVID-19 diagnostic test performed on a low throughput instrument: $125.00
  • COVID-19 diagnostic test performed on a high throughput instrument: $240.00
  • Antibody blood test: $40.00

These costs are for the tests alone, and do not include other charges for your hospital or clinic visit that may apply.



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Population Health

UnityPoint Health - Meriter's Population Health Team is actively gathering up-to-date information on what community resources (eg: food, transportation, housing, behavioral health, etc.) are available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please reach out to Jessica (608-417-5627) or Jenny (608-417-5154) for guidance on how to access local resources.