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Primary Care Visits During COVID-19

Taking care of yourself is still important during this time, and we understand you may still want or need to see your primary care doctor. That's why we've expanded our primary care services at select clinics to include scheduled visits over the phone or by video. These new visit options allow you to see your doctor from the safety of your home.

Pediatric Appointments

For your child's pediatric appointments, we encourage you to continue well-child visits that include vaccinations – these are important for newborns and young children to help keep them and others safe. Contact your pediatric clinic to discuss your upcoming visit. 

Chronic Health Issues

If you or a loved one have chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or a suppressed immune system, we want to stress the importance of handwashing, staying at home, taking advantage of grocery delivery and limiting contact with others. Please call your clinic to discuss options for any upcoming visits.