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Botox or Dysport?

Botox has been a trusted ally in the fight against wrinkles for more than a decade. New in the United States, Dysport — available in Europe for years — is giving American patients an alternative to Botox. Which one is right for you? 

For most patients, it's comparing apples to apples. But here is the general consensus for how Botox and Dysport stack up against one another. 

The Main Ingredient

Dysport and Botox have similar mechanisms of action (neuromuscular blocking toxin), a type of botulinum type A used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines (between the eyebrows), forehead lines and crow's feet. 

How Long the Effects Last 

Some clinical trials indicate that Botox has longer-lasting results. However, this is still under debate. Dysport has less of a protein load than Botox, resulting in the formation of fewer antibodies against it. With fewer antibodies being formed, it may be assumed that the effects of Dysport should last longer than those of Botox. Results also may vary depending on how your body responds. 

The Concentration of the Formulas

Dysport is more diluted than Botox, but this greater dilution doesn't make it less effective than Botox. However, the dilution should be considered by the provider injecting the treatment to determine how many units to inject in each anatomical area. 

How Much the Products Diffuse

Because of formula differences, Dysport behaves a bit differently in the body. In clinical studies, authors noted that Dysport "spreads more" during injection. This may be seen as good or bad. Large areas that need treatment (forehead, underarms) may require fewer injections due to the spreading. However, it may be bad if the treatment is not being performed by an experienced injector with a good understanding of more complex musculature (around the eyes, between the eyebrows). The Dysport could potentially spread into unwanted areas causing unpleasant side effects (blurry vision, droopy eyebrows).

Safety—and Concerns

At this stage there have been no significant "red flags" raised about the safety of Dysport. Allergies and infections have not been seen to a clinically significant degree. Any reactions to Botox are likely to be experienced with Dysport, and vice versa. 

Ultimately, injection technique is more important than which product being injected. Poor results for both Botox and Dysport are caused by poor injection technique, not the products themselves. It's important to find an experienced injector who has a good understanding of both products and their effects. 

We can help you determine which product is most appropriate for you, based on your unique musculature and treatment needs. Contact us for an appointment or complimentary consultation.