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Biomechanical Movement Analysis

Meriter Sports Medicine offers analysis services to anyone who wants to improve their performance or prevent injury in golf and running. We also offer a biomechanical movement analysis service.

Developing appropriate biomechanics and technique is one of the most vital components to achieving success and avoiding injury in athletics. The certified and licensed sports specialists at Meriter Sports Medicine are specially trained to observe and identify faulty movement patterns and limitations of the musculoskeletal system that may lead to nagging, debilitating injury.

Large movement faults may be observable with the naked eye, but many motions occur so quickly that only high speed video analysis can capture some of these critical movement faults. The Meriter Sports Medicine professionals use Pro-trainer DV software to provide Performance Evaluations for several specialized athletic movements including:

  • Golf
  • Running
  • Throwing
  • Swimming
  • Jumping/Landing
  • Cutting

Analysis Options

There are three options to access the biomechanical video analysis services:

  1. One-time Performance Assessment
  2. Multi-session Performance Assessment Package
  3. Injury assessment via physical therapy

Performance Assessment ($130)

A 60-minute comprehensive, one-on-one evaluation including:

  • Biomechanical Video Analysis with Pro Trainer DV - This includes video recording of your specific movement that can be used to identify areas of improvement – providing you with specific visual feedback.
  • Thorough Musculoskeletal Examination - A physical therapist will assess your posture, joint mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance for limitations that may be limiting the efficiency of your posture and body mechanics.
  • Personalized Exercise Plan - You will be provided with a specific exercise plan geared to address any identified mechanical faults and ultimately improve your body mechanics and athletic performance. 
  • Take Home Visual Feedback Info - In addition to your exercise plan, your recorded video analysis can be transferred to a personal flash drive for future review which can help reinforce the correction of your biomechanics. If you would like a copy, please bring flash drive to analysis session.

Performance Assessment – Package ($250)

This thorough package includes:

  • 60 minute performance evaluation (see above)
  • Two 30 minute follow-up sessions
  • Hands-on guidance – By choosing the performance package, you will receive additional one-on-one time with the sports specialist from Meriter Sports Medicine. During this time, your physical therapist will give you feedback and hands-on guidance to ensure correct mechanics and performance of your home exercise program.

Physical Therapy – Injury Assessment

If you have pain that affects your ability perform your best or complete your daily activities (ie; yard work, house hold chores, dressing, bathing, sleeping) physical therapy can help! Physical therapy services may include:

  • Performance evaluation (as outlined above)
  • Additional therapy treatment options – during formal treatment, the physical therapist can utilize modalities to reduce acute pain and inflammation, joint mobilization and stretching to restore proper joint mechanics, and more.
  • Education on individualized modification – your physical therapist can help you make any needed modifications to your movement patterns or activities to allow you to maximize your activity performance.

Together, these services will provide a comprehensive treatment plan, facilitating a quicker resolution of your pain and return to your active lifestyle.

Formal Physical Therapy treatment may be covered under your insurance but a physician’s referral may be required. Please contact your insurance provider for further details.