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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy services are offered at Harbor Athletic Club in Middleton under the direction of a trained physical therapist or physical therapist assistant.  Exercising in an aquatic environment relieves pressure on the spine and joints.  It can make it easier to tolerate therapeutic strengthening and flexibility exercises and helps reduce pain and muscle tension. Balance and coordination exercises can be performed safely and easily in the pool. 

Our warm water pool is 92 degrees and uses salt water. The pool water depth ranges from 3'6" to 4'6" and there is a railing along the perimeter of the pool. There are 6 shallow stairs with railings on both sides to enter/exit the pool.  A sport pool option is also available. The sport pool is 86 degrees and the depth ranges from 4'6" to 7', which allows deep water exercise and a slightly cooler temperature. There are 8 steps with wide set rails to enter the pool.  There is a pool-side chair lift entry option in the sport pool.  

An evaluation with a physical therapist in the clinic is required prior to initiating Aquatic Therapy. At that appointment, an individual plan and specific goals are designed and implemented based on the results of the evaluation. At the initial aquatic appointment, you will be oriented to the pool and locker room facilities. 

What to bring to Aquatic Therapy

  1. It is preferred that you wear/bring your bathing suit, but you may wear a t-shirt and shorts. We suggest you bring a towel from home, however, towels are available at the clinic. 
  2. Optional: We suggest that you bring a lock for the locker or leave valuables at home/car. 
  3. Optional: You may wear pool shoes. (no flip flops) 
  4. Please bring and use the assistive device that you will need for longer distance walking to the pool or to aid with dressing and showering. 

Pool Safety Guidelines 

You will be screened for any reasons that you should not use the pool: (a few common ones include): 

  • Open wounds, incisions, or skin lesions/infections
  • Infectious diseases
  • Fever
  • Uncontrolled cardiac problems
  • Bowel/Bladder incontinence 

Making an Appointment

Your therapist will help you to decide if Aquatic Therapy is right for you. If your therapist refers you to Aquatic Therapy, call 608-417-8025 to schedule your appointment.