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Antithrombotic Services

Thrombosis is when a clot blocks the flow of blood through a blood vessel. Medications used to treat this serious condition require close monitoring. Meriter Antithrombotic Services (MATS) is coordinated by pharmacists and nurses with special training in anticoagulation (blood-thinning) care and management.

During a MATS appointment, a handheld instrument called point-of-care testing (POCT) will be used. The POCT is a simple, finger-stick blood test that provides results instantly. Your MATS specialist can then share the results with you immediately and make appropriate medication dosage recommendations.

Web Care Health

UnityPoint Health-Meriter Antithrombotic Services has some exciting news for our patients currently taking Warfarin/Coumadin.  We are pleased to announce our partnership with Web Care Health to provide our patients the option for at home INR testing.

This program allows patients the freedom to perform their finger-stick INR testing from the comfort of their own home.  Studies support that weekly home testing provides for better clinical outcomes.

Click on the attached link to learn more about this service.

UnityPoint Health-Meriter Antithrombotic Therapy Services is not currently offering WebCare Health enrollment due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

UnityPoint Health - Meriter is a proud partner of UW Health. We share our knowledge, facilities, and passion so that you can get remarkable care where and when you need it. For more information on heart and vascular services please visit: UW Health's Heart, Vascular, and Thoracic Care.