About Women's HeartCare at UnityPoint Health - Meriter

About Our Program

Assessing Your Risk for Heart Disease

When you call Women's HeartCare, we will schedule a risk assessment visit. Determining whether you are at low, moderate or high risk for heart disease will help to decide the next steps.

A Lifestyle Intervention Program

Women's HeartCare Clinic is a lifestyle intervention program that is designed as a shared medical appointment. A shared medical appointment is held in a group setting where you have the opportunity to discuss your medical concerns with health care professionals and other women who are just like you. During each appointment, you will have the opportunity share stories, insight and inspiration with your fellow group members.

Ongoing Support

Making lifestyle changes for a healthy heart is hard work, but you'll have the support of our experts in women's heart health and other female group members who, like you, believe they owe it to themselves and those they love to be healthy for life.

Between visits, your Women's HeartCare medical providers are available, as needed, to help you stick to your plan. We'll stay in touch along the way to see how you're doing. Your primary care doctor will stay involved and informed through regular reports.

Program Details

For the best chance of successfully adopting permanent lifestyle changes, we recommend you attend 12 monthly visits. Of course, you may opt out of the program at any time.

  • Appointments are led by our internal medicine physician or health psychologist.
  • Groups are kept small in size, ranging between 3 and 10 participants.
  • Participants sign a confidentiality agreement. Your privacy will always be respected.
  • Shared appointments are typically 60-90 minutes.
  • Frequency of appointments depends on goals set by you and your internal medicine physician or health psychologist.
  • Cost is the same as a regular office visit and is covered by most major health insurance plans (with standard co-pays).