Tobacco Free Policy

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Blessing Health Keokuk to provide an environment free of tobacco use. Individuals covered by this policy include, but not limited to, employees, patients, volunteers, visitors, physicians, students, allied health staff and contractors.  This policy exists as one of many methods for Blessing Health Keokuk to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles throughout our community.  A tobacco product/smoke-free policy for the Blessing Health Keokuk Campus is endorsed by the Blessing Health Keokuk Board of Trustees and supported by the Hospital Medical Staff.

General Provisions of the Policy:  

Use of tobacco products is prohibited within all facilities of Blessing Health Keokuk.  Tobacco products are prohibited in the buildings, on the property or in the parking lot, and include all Keokuk Health Systems owned vehicles.  Tobacco product use is also prohibited outside all entrances.

  • Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and pipe smoking.
  • Since we are a smoke free campus, use of tobacco products on sidewalks contiguous to the property, is prohibited.  It is expected that employees demonstrate the behaviors of a respectful citizen.  
  • Patients may not smoke within the hospital.
  • If employees choose to smoke on their lunch period, it may be done in their auto.  Remains of tobacco products must be disposed of properly.

The hospital is committed to:

  • Create and provide a safe and healthy environment for all of its patients, employees, volunteers and visitors.
  • Make no tobacco use a normal practice on hospital property.
  • To promote wellness and disease prevention and to serve as a role model in the community by providing a tobacco-free environment.
  • Assist both patients and employees who wish to quit using tobacco products.