Mammogram Assistance Program

Early detection with a mammogram can reveal breast cancers so small they cannot be felt and before they have a chance to spread. 

At this stage, experts say a woman has the best chance of surviving the disease. Most doctors recommend that women age 40 and above (35 if there is a family history of breast cancer) have a mammogram every year. 

Blessing Health Keokuk Foundation receives contributions from area donors to the CARES Fund to help pay for mammograms at Blessing Health Keokuk for qualifying women. If you have no insurance, your insurance won't pay for one, or you cannot afford the co-pay or deductible, there may be help for you. 

Fill out an application to see if you qualify. 

Applications are available in the Radiology Department of Blessing Health Keokuk or print one from the link below. 


Women who are accepted will be notified by phone to schedule an appointment. Please see your health care provider as soon as possible for a referral if you have symptoms that concern you.