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Hospitalist Program

At UnityPoint Health – Keokuk, we are committed to providing you with quality health care. Our hospitalist program is another service we provide to ensure your experience is nothing less than excellent. A hospitalist, or acute care physician, is there with you from the time of admission until discharge, managing the entire inpatient care process. 

By working with you from admission, our hospitalist can better determine when tests should be run, promptly interpret test results and personally check on you more frequently. By directing the patient care process, the hospitalist can coordinate a more timely and efficient hospital experience, often including an earlier discharge from the hospital.

What Do Hospitalists Do?

The hospitalist will manage your entire hospital stay. During your stay, they will:

  • Focus on your care, assessing and treating your medical condition
  • Coordinate your hospital care, including all diagnostic tests such as x-rays, blood tests and other exams
  • Arrange for specialty care, such as therapy of consultations with specialists
  • Transition your care back to your primary care physician when you are ready to be discharged

Does the hospitalist work with my primary care provider?

Yes! While managing your inpatient care, your hospitalist will keep in close contact with your primary care provider. Upon discharge from the hospital, your hospitalist will contact your primary care provider with a highly detailed report on your hospital stay. After discharge, your primary care provider will resume the responsibility of your care.