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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a proven therapy designed for you consisting of exercise, nutrition, stress management and other health-related topics. Blessing Health Keokuk offers a quality, convenient program to manage their heart disease through exercise and education. In addition to on-site instruction, the program educates on:

  • Home exercise programs
  • Ricks factors of heart disease
  • Medications
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Stress management

The program is an important part of recovery for persons with the following diagnoses:

  • Heart attack
  • Angina
  • Coronary angioplasty or stent
  • Open heart surgery, such as coronary 
  • Heart failure
  • Heart transplant
  • Valve replacement

Persons who attend the program recover faster and have fewer complications than those who choose not to participate. In addition, recent scientific studies have shown that people who complete a cardiac rehabilitation program can increase their life expectancy by up to five years.

3-Phase Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

  • Phase I: (Inpatient) Cardiac rehabilitation occurs while you are in the hospital.
  • Phase 2: (Early Outpatient) Cardiac Rehabilitation begins shortly after you are discharged from the hospital and typically lasts from 4 to 12 weeks. 
  • Phase 3: (Maintenance Program) Continuation of exercise program with supervision – Private Pay.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

Patients in the cardiac program and their families are a vital part of the team. It's up to the patient to do their part to take control of their heart disease and it is the families' responsibility to provide encouragement and support. Health care professionals that offer support to patients to help them achieve their maximum potential include; physicians, specialty-trained nurses and respiratory therapists.

Patients will learn about their heart condition, what they can do to help the condition and how to follow their treatment plan. They are encouraged to ask questions and report symptoms or problems. Patients' physicians will be informed of their patient's progress throughout the program.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance typically covers Cardiac Rehabilitation, but your specific plan may have copays or other requirements. We recommend you speak with you insurance provider directly if you have any questions. Blessing Health Keokuk also has a financial assistance program available to those with limited or no insurance.