About UnityPoint Health - Keokuk

Know how much you matter to this world.

UnityPoint Health - Keokuk is a patient and family-centered hospital that delivers compassionate care to families in the tri-state area including Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Our top priority is you – it's putting you in the center of everything we do. We understand who you turn to for health care is a choice. That's why we want to thank you for choosing UnityPoint Health – Keokuk. Your vote of confidence is more than simply a compliment, it's an ongoing mission for our team to continue providing patients with the very best health care possible.

About UnityPoint Health

UnityPoint Health is one of the nation's most integrated health systems. Our physician-led team of professionals communicates clearly and effectively to address a patient's health care in the most appropriate setting: whether that is a clinic, a hospital or at home. Through relationships with more than 280 physician clinics, 32 hospitals in the metropolitan and rural communities, and home care services through 9 regions, UnityPoint Health provides care throughout Iowa, western Illinois, and south Wisconsin. UnityPoint Health entities employ more than 30,000 employees, working toward innovative advancements to deliver the best outcome for every patient, every time.

Each year, through more than 4.5 million patient visits, UnityPoint Health, UnityPoint Clinic and UnityPoint at Home provide a full range of coordinated care to patients and families. With annual revenues of $3.7 billion, UnityPoint Health is the nation's 13th largest nonprofit health system and the fourth largest nondenominational health system in America.