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Frequently Asked Questions

How detailed does my idea need to be?

The simplest of ideas have created some of the most inspiring transformations. A few sentences on what your idea is and how we can contact you are all we need to begin innovating together.

If my idea isn't selected for innovation development, will anything happen with it?

All ideas that come through the Innovation Center will be acted on. If an idea isn't selected for full-scale innovation development, we will likely re-route it to leaders in your region.

What's involved with the collaboration process?

Our team wants to help make your unique idea a reality. Thinking through all the steps to make that happen is where we come in. From business plan development to figuring out how to operationalize your idea, we're prepared to answer any questions you may have.

Can I see other people's ideas to build off them?

As ideas are worked on and move through the development steps, we will share with everyone the great work going on in the Innovation Center.

Where can I go for inspiration?

This is the beauty of innovation -- you can go anywhere for inspiration! Whether through online videos, personal experiences or aha moments at work, opportunities to be inspired are limitless.

What happens if my idea is selected?

When an idea is selected, you will be contacted to begin the innovation journey.

How long does the process take?

This depends on the idea. Ideas that are routed to regional leaders can be acted on quickly. Other ideas may need more foundation-building to become the next big thing.

Will I receive feedback on my idea?

Of course! We want innovation to be an interactive process. When an idea is submitted, our Innovation Team will reach out to better understand your idea and determine how we can make it happen.

What if two (or more) individuals submit a similar idea?

Collaborators will be brought together when similar ideas are presented. This provides the opportunity to refine and make an idea great.

How involved will I be in developing my idea?

At the front end, your involvement is critical to an idea's success. We want you to be as involved as you want!

If my idea is selected for development, will my manager support me committing my time to the innovation process?

Yes. Innovation is a key part of where we need to go as an organization, and the commitment from our top leadership should be felt. We're all in this together, and we want to make health care better for each other and our patients.

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