Grundy County Memorial Hospital is at the forefront of using broadband technology to provide patients access to medical specialists. The unique video technology may be used in the case of routine specialty care, or in the case of an emergency when the expertise of a special provider is needed. The state-of-the-art technology provides better care coordination by connecting local medical providers with far-away specialists to provide patients with the right care at the right time.

The technology works by allowing for the examination and treatment of a patient without a physician being physically present. A real-time video link allows patients to see and hear their physician, who can also see and hear their patient. The hospital's Telehealth system is also used to bring training to area emergency medical service crews and deliver health education to local school classrooms with video technology deployed to school districts and EMS hubs around the hospital's service area. 

 What we're doing now: 

  •  Implementing video communications technology at various community institutions 
  • Improving health care delivery using interactive video communications technology 
  • Increasing access to community and professional education 

With much more use of this applied technology ahead!