Just What the Doctor Ordered- Mini Medical School

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New! Just What the Dr. Ordered takes you to Medical School!

Each class will provide an opportunity to gain medical science knowledge and to experience

hands-on medical learning activities. Attend just one session – or all four topics.

Tuesday, October 29 – 6:30 p.m. • “The Heart of Your Healthcare"

Eric Neverman, DO, UnityPoint Clinic – Grundy Center Family Medicine

An introduction to health care as experienced in the rural setting of Grundy County, and an introduction to the cardiac system – how it works and what happens when it doesn’t. The classroom session will be followed by an opportunity to observe/participate in the dissection of a heart specimen.

Tuesday, November 5 – 6:30 p.m. • “The Evolution of Cancer Care”

Bilal Rahim, MD, UnityPoint Health- Community Cancer Center, Waterloo

Dr. Rahim’s presentation will include the epidemiology of cancer, basic biology of cancer, and current day treatments, as well as cancer treatment options of the past and future. Following the presentation, class members will look under the microscope with lab technologist Eric Wenzel, MLT, who will demonstrate what can be learned about your health from a drop of blood.

Tuesday, November 12 – 6:30 p.m. • “Real CSI: Forensic Pathology and Investigation”

Jessica Jessen, FD, F-ABMDI, Medical Examiner Investigator Liaison Officer, Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner

Ms. Jessen will provide a walk-through of cases from the state’s version of CSI (crime scene investigation). She’ll discuss how a death investigation works in real life vs. what you see on television, the history and science of forensics, and discuss organ and tissue donation.

Tuesday, November 26 – 6:30 p.m. • “Facts & Myths About Squatting and Impact Exercise on

Knee Health”
• Christopher Wiedman, DPT, Professional Practice Coordinator, Physical Therapy Program & Assistant Professor; Allen College

Is everyone headed for a new knee? Dr. Wiedman focuses on the body’s largest joint, which also sustains the greatest stresses. He will share research and personal perspective on squatting and impact exercise and their relationship to lifetime knee joint health. His presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion focused on knee joint health from the hospital’s physical therapy team.

Grundy County Memorial Hospital is partnering with the Grundy Center-Dike New Hartford Academic Decathlon team to bring area experts on medical science to you! Special thanks to Dr. Eric Neverman, UnityPoint Clinic, whose expertise is contributing to this series. It was the original idea of Don Osterhaus, Grundy Center-Dike New Hartford Academic Decathlon coach, for the hospital to provide support for the Decathlon’s 2019-20 study topic of “In Sickness and in Health: An exploration of illness and wellness.” As Mr. Osterhaus exemplified, the opportunity to learn is a lifelong gift – and the hospital is honored to help fulfill his dream by offering the Mini-Medical School sessions for not only the High School Ac Dec team, but anyone in the community who is interested in attending.