Survey Results Demonstrate GCMH Commitment to Safety


from Jody Schipper, RN MSN Director of Clinical Services

Grundy County Memorial Hospital has received its results of the 2019 Culture of Patient Safety Survey, which is a national survey administered in hospitals across the U.S. and is sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The survey is administered anonymously, and gives our hospital associates the chance to tell leadership what we are doing well, and what we can improve upon from a patient safety perspective.

I'm happy to report that our hospital's results are overwhelmingly positive. The data from Grundy County Memorial Hospital ranks GCMH higher than AHRQ national benchmarking, and we also lead rural hospital peers within our Iowa region. The top GCMH results were captured in answers to the survey questions "Overall perception of patient safety", "Teamwork within units", and "Management support for patient safety." These results from nurses and other associates with responsibility for patient care affirms a hospital-wide commitment to patient safety.

From our daily hospital-wide "Safety Huddle" to our work toward adopting "Just Culture", GCMH is intentional in our efforts to keep our patients safe while in our care. "Just Culture" refers to an environment where associates feel comfortable signaling safety concerns and understand that punitive action will not result, while feeling confident that leadership will take action to address patient safety concerns. It is the goal of GCMH for our patients to be cared for in an environment where "Just Culture" is the norm.