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Saving For Christmas 

Step 1: Try out the Savings and Spending Checkup tool at https://www.fidelity.com/mymoneybasics/savings-spending

Step 2: Use the guide to set up your Christmas budget on the Every Dollar app https://www.everydollar.com/blog/christmas-budget

Step 3: Watch the below video and answer the questions 
If you have problems viewing the video click here.

Tip sheet for holiday budget.

Christmas Budget sheets-



Regional Challenge points will only be awarded if you participate in 4 sessions – in person or online. No partial points. No points if your information is incomplete.

To access Smart Dollar:

Must create a log in if have not logged in before.

Use this link https://www.smartdollar.com/enroll/unitypoint6617

1: Name
2: Employee Number or Spouse Number
3: What is something you can do during spring cleaning?
4: Name 2 banks you can start a Christmas account at.