Thrive After School Swim Program

Encouraging Exercise

After School Swim Program

Students in grades 3 - 4 have the opportunity to participate in an after school swimming program. This program is a partnership between Trinity Healthy Living and the Fort Dodge Community Rec Center. The program is free of charge to participants. The swim program is held at the Fort Dodge Rec Center. Transportation is provided to the Rec from the school buildings by the Fort Dodge DART transportation system. 

Swimming lessons teach students a life skill, safety in the water, and encourage students to use swimming as a form of exercise and recreation. 

There is a limit of 20 students for each session. When enrollment numbers are beyond expectation for a session, priority is given to those in need of greater swimming instruction.

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Butler 4th grade

Cooper 3rd & 4th Grade

St. Edmond 3rd & 4th

Feelhaver 3rd & 4th grade

Questions: Please call Jessica Smith (Trinity Regional Medical Center) at 515-574-6187 or email her.