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How Do I Know My Baby Is Getting Enough Milk?

  • Your breasts feel heavier as you make more milk.
  • Your breasts begin to feel softer after nursing.
  • You hear more and more swallows with each feeding.
  • In the hospital, babies should have about 1 wet and 1 dirty diaper for each day of age.
  • By 5-6 days of age, baby should have 5 or more wets & 2-3 or more dirty diapers each 24 hours.
  • The wet diapers become larger & heavier, the dirty diapers should change to greenish-brownish or runny yellow stools by 4-5 days of age.
  • By 4-5 days of age, babies begin to gain about ½ to 1 oz (15-30ml) each day (will check baby's weight at BCB f/u visit)

Please call the Trinity Birth Center's Lactation Consultant or educator with questions at (515) 574-6052.