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Dedicated to Caring for Children of All Ages

Pediatrics is a specialized unit that is dedicated to caring for all ages of children. We are family centered and our main goal is to support you, your child and your family members through any difficult time, whether it is an illness or injury. 

Our Pediatricians and Family Medicine Physicians work very closely with families and the nursing staff to provide the best possible care for your child. The pediatric nursing staff has nearly 150 years of combined experience and is passionate about caring for children and their families. Two of the pediatric nurses have received their professional certification in pediatric nursing.  

The pediatric care unit has 10 private rooms decorated with themes from around the world. Our playroom invites you to travel to Paris where we have educational and developmentally focused toys. For our older kids we have a Nintendo 64 game system, an X-Box and numerous movies for all ages.

Support for You and Your Newborn

The Pediatric unit provides the same breast feeding support that is offered at the Birth Center, as well as, the same equipment and information. For newborns that are not breast feeding, we offer all types of formula so we can continue the same feedings that your child is already used to.

Spending Time with Your Child in the Pediatrics Unit

Visiting hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. but we do not restrict visiting for immediate family and parents. They are encouraged to stay, if possible. We have cots or comfy recliner chairs available for family members to sleep in.

Ensuring the Safety of Our Patients

For the safety of our patients, the pediatric unit is a secured area. The only way to access the unit is by taking the east elevator located by Trinity's Cafe and entering through the east double doors. Push the intercom button to alert the staff and gain entrance to the unit. Once you are on the floor, you are required to have a staff member help you exit the Pediatrics unit.