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Safe Sleeping - A Parents Guide to Safe Sleep

Halo Sleep Sacks

Prevention of SIDS

Your baby's sleeping needs are straightforward: a safe crib with a firm, flat, mattress. To decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), your baby should always be placed on his or her back when it is time to sleep. The sleeping surface should be firm and flat with no bumper pads, blankets, soft objects, loose bedding or stuffed toys. Use a sleep sack for baby instead of blankets. We will give you a new sleep sack to take home from the hospital and use. Never place your baby to sleep on an adult bed, sofa or chair, pillows, quilts or blankets. Baby should always sleep alone in their safety-approved crib, bassinet or portable play area. Breastfeeding your baby helps to reduce the risk of SIDS or sleep-related death.

Source: National Institute of Child Health and Development