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When I Return to Work, What Are My Feeding Options?

There Are Several Feeding Choices to Provide Baby All Breast Milk:

  • Work from home and continue to breastfeed baby.
  • Have baby brought to you at work to breastfeed, or go to baby's daycare to nurse.
  • Breastfeed often when you are at home & pump while at work. Pump about the same number & times during each day at work that baby would have nursed.

Partial Breastfeeding Is Another Option:

  • Breastfeed frequently when you are at home with baby.
  • Have baby receive formula while you are at work.
  • With this option, about a week before you return to work, slowly wean the 1-2 feedings while you are at work and replace them with formula.
  • This option may cause your milk supply to decrease. Continue to nurse frequently when home and when you are off, and that will help your supply.

Complete Weaning:

  • Slowly wean baby 1-2 weeks before you return to work.
  • Wean the 1-2 feedings while you will be at work before you return, replacing them with formula.
  • Gradually over the next couple of weeks, continue to wean completely by cutting out another nursing every few days.
  • Do NOT wean cold turkey (stop abruptly). This is not good for either yourself or your baby.

Please call the Trinity Birth Center's Lactation Consultant or educator with questions at (515) 574-6052.