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Truly Individualized Programs for Athletes of All Ages

Trinity Accelerated Performance (TAP) is a division of Athletic Republic Sports Training. It is open to any competing or recreational athlete. Our programs offer sports-specific training, focusing on position particulars within each sport. Careful attention to each athlete creates truly individualized programs appropriate for all ages. Thousands of athletes achieve excellent results with TAP, the only program of its kind in the area: a research-based performance-enhancement program that relies totally on natural methods.

Today's athletes are bigger and stronger and have better equipment than ever before. One element that can set an athlete apart from the rest is speed. A national database of tens of thousands of athletes' pre- and post-test results documents that TAP Sports Acceleration improves vital athletic skills:

  • Decreased 40-yard dash by an average 2/10ths of a second
  • Increased vertical jump by an average 2 to 4 inches
  • Decreased recovery time 50%
  • Increased throwing speed 4 MPH
  • Increased sport-specific strength, power and body mechanics

TAP challenges you with cutting-edge training programs for speed and overall athletic performance. From program development and enhancement to advanced coaching methods and sports-specific training we can TAP your potential.

TAP Programs

Super Treadmill

Our Super Treadmill clocks a top speed of 30 miles per hour and inclines to 40 percent grade. Use the treadmill for both forward and backward running. The Super Treadmill improves speed and reduces the impact force at the knee from foot strike.


Move quickly and explosively with this ground-based program. Plyometrics comprises foot work drills and special exercises designed to enhance an athlete's balance, agility, endurance and vertical jump.

Strength Training

Develop power needed for sport excellence through strength training programs tailored to athletes based on age and an initial assessment. Maximize power using state-of-the-art acceleration apparatus, and sport-specific exercises.

Sport/Sprint Cords

This patented resistance training equipment loads specific muscles to develop utmost power. Sprint Cords applied to arms, legs or any part of the body intensify workouts. Sprint Cords target particular neuro-musculature associated with sprinting and other adapted motions.

Functional Rehabilitation

The Functional Progression Program picks up where traditional physical therapy ends. The goal is to return injured athletes to full activity in gradually increasing increments to increase function and confidence. The program gets results for almost any lower-extremity problem.