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Providing the Best Safety Measures for Students, Parents and Coaches

In this highly competitive youth sports environment, Trinity Regional Medical Center Athletic Trainers provide the best safety measure for students, parents and coaches. Athletic training services are provided to area schools through Trinity Rehabilitation Services. Our certified athletic trainers assure that athletes are properly conditioned, trained and rehabilitated. They act as the go between for therapists, parents and doctors when medical care is required.

Services include:

  • Free injury assessment at the Highland Park Center
  • Injury prevention activities
  • Equipment modification
  • Injury tracking
  • Athlete case-management between medical and school personnel
  • Teaching and educational activities such as care and prevention of injury
  • Athletic training support for three state events
  • One of the primary objectives of the Athletic Training Program is promoting a safe return to the athletic field for each injured athlete. Proper injury rehabilitation is a key part of accomplishing this objective.

Athletic Trainers in Schools

The Athletic Trainers are in a unique position to provide daily evaluation and rehabilitation follow-up to the student athletes. The immediate availability of an ATC (Athletic Trainers Certified) at each school provides an opportunity for athletes to be evaluated quickly, directed to a physician when appropriate and provided rehabilitation exercise and modalities at Highland Park Center which may significantly reduce the re-injury rate.

By providing school-based follow through, athletes are better prepared to return to participation in an appropriate manner. Individual Athletic Trainers and Physicians are encouraged to communicate regarding injury rehabilitation on a regular basis to ensure each student athlete returns to play as quickly and as safely as possible.

The athletic trainers at each individual school provide injury rehabilitation services throughout the school year including:

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Proprioception exercises
  • Functional progression/exercise programs
  • Return-to-play evaluations