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UnityPoint Health - Trinity Inpatient Palliative Care Program

Providing Compassionate Care for Life-limiting Illnesses

UnityPoint Health - Trinity Regional Medical Center's Palliative Care is here to help you and your family receive the best care for serious, ongoing illnesses during your stay in the hospital. The team - including doctors, registered nurses, social workers and chaplains - works with you and your doctor to address any physical, psychosocial, emotional or spiritual issues. 

Our services are for people with possibly life-limiting illnesses, such as cancer, advanced heart disease, advanced lung disease, stroke with serious damage, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), diseases of the nervous system, liver disease, kidney failure, Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 

The goal of Palliative Care is to improve your quality of life and support your health care choices, whether or not you choose to pursue aggressive treatment for your illness. Palliative Care works alongside aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, depending on what you and your doctor decide is good for you. 

Palliative Care is different from Hospice. Hospice care is for people approaching the last stages of life. Palliative Care is for any stage of a serious illness.    

Benefits of Palliative Care

Our team wants to make sure you receive the care you need. Palliative Care helps you communicate with the healthcare providers to ensure your voice is heard. This helps you and your family understand your illness, the types of treatment you may receive, what to expect and a plan to deal with any issues you may face.

We are here to: 

  • Improve quality of life for you and your family
  • Help you to understand your illness and treatment options
  • Reduce the difficult symptoms of your illness

We will help you and those who care for you by:

  •  Help with pain and symptom relief
  • Supporting emotional and spiritual needs, values and beliefs
  • Arrange meetings with you, your family and the healthcare team
  • Work together with you and your family to make decisions that are hard to make
  • Work with your doctor to create a plan of care that meets your needs as you move through the different healthcare settings and stages of your illness

How do I request Palliative Care?

Talk with your doctor if you feel Palliative Care would help you or your loved one. Your doctor and the Trinity Palliative Care team will talk with you to decide if palliative care is right for you. Our committed Palliative Care team wants to provide you with the care we would like our loved ones to receive within our hospital.  

UnityPoint Clinic also offers an Outpatient Palliative Medicine Clinic. Outpatient Palliative Medicine is covered by some private insurance plans.  

To Learn More or Request Additional Information

For more information, please call (515) 574-8519.