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Is a breast infection in one or both breasts. The breast may become hot, swollen, painful and red. If not treated, you will feel like you have the flu (fever, chills, body aches, fatigue, headache and sometimes nausea). Women with large milk supplies get mastitis more often.

Cracked nipples, baby not emptying the breast as often or as completely, fatigue and stress, may also increase your chances or getting mastitis.

Contact your health care provider immediately.

  • Your baby can continue to nurse with mastitis. The immunities in your milk will protect your baby from the infection.
  • Nurse your baby or pump your breast frequently. An empty, soft breast heals faster than a full breast.
  • Take all of the antibiotic medicine until gone
  • Follow the plugged ducts recommendations for breast care guidelines

Call Trinity Birth Center at (515) 574-6052, if you have additional questions.