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Prevent Lung Cancer

If you could help prevent a lung cancer diagnosis, would you?

Lung cancer is the #1 cause of death from cancer in the United States. Yet over 80% of lung cancers have a chance to be cured if detected early. Unfortunately, most cancers aren't discovered until they reach an advanced stage, when they cause symptoms that lead to diagnosis.

The Lung Cancer Screening is Trinity's newest screening tool that helps doctors detect lung cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. This fast, painless screening uses a low-dose CT to look inside your chest. It is the only test that has been proven to detect early lung cancer and improve survival.

If you are a long-term, heavy smoker or former smoker aged 50 or older, the Lung Cancer Screening may be for you.

What is a Lung Cancer Screening?

Like a mammogram, the screening detects potential early cancers. It doesn't hurt and takes only about 30 seconds. You just lie on a table and hold your breath while a low-dose screening CT (computerized tomography) scan produces detailed images of your lungs.

Who should get a Lung Cancer Screening?

Current and former smokers aged 50 and up are at greatest risk for developing lung cancer. All that's needed is a doctor's referral. For more information call your doctor or Trinity Radiology at (515) 574-6528.

What is the cost?

The Lung Cancer Screening is $95.

Making Preventative Screenings Affordable

Do you have risk factors for both Heart Disease and Lung Cancer? If you do, talk to your doctor about scheduling both screenings at the same time. The Calcium Scoring and Lung Cancer Screening, when scheduled together, are offered at a special price - only $195. Ask your doctor if your a candidate for both screenings.