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Low Milk Supply Suggestions

  • Increase nursing/pumping q.1-3 hr, daytime feedings at least and once at night for at least 3-4 days and to 7 days if possible.
  • Pump after nursing 10 min. of comfortable suction and rapid cycling 10 min. (lanolin application prior maybe needed) this is to bluff the breast to make more milk. You may not get anything and that is okay.
  • Mom should nuzzle when she can (skin to skin), and allow baby to do comfort suckling.
  • Mom should use breast massage and consider hands on pumping.
  • Continue to double pump at least 20 min. per pumping session

When away from baby:

  • Try to increase fluid intake (8 glasses of water) and remember to have 4 servings of calcium daily while making milk
  • Increase caloric intake with lots of whole grains (oatmeal, flax)
  • Pace your activities to conserve energy. Ask for help with household tasks
  • R/O if thyroid concerns, life style changes or stressors, poor caloric intake recently?

If no sufficient change is seen, please call Trinity Birth Center at (515) 574-6052 for further evaluation.

Use of herbs such as fenugreek, or blessed thistle, may be considered at that time with guidance and proper dosing.