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Latch-On Difficulties with Engorgement

If your engorgement is not getting better, it may lead to "latch-on" problems. Consider the following:

  • Nurse one breast soft and pump to comfort
  • Pump before latch to soften and to erect your nipple
  • If unable to latch, pump and fed your baby until he is content
  • Cold compress 10 minutes after nursing/pumping breast, then apply a cabbage leaf to involved area until it wilts as needed after the nursing/pumping
  • Apply lanolin or Vitamin E (400 IU) after nursing or before pumping to soothe and heal
  • Do not use a high suction or too low a vacuum setting on your breast pump
  • Use gentle breast massage before & during the nursing or pumping
  • Use over the counter pain medication (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) for discomfort
  • Rest between feedings or pumpings
  • Drink to quench your thirst and eat frequent healthy snacks

Call Trinity Birth Center at (515) 574-6052 if the recommendations are not effective. The lactation consultant or educator will discuss with you, if an office visit is needed to further assess the nursing, "a latch", at that time.