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Heart Disease Treatments

If you've been diagnosed with heart disease, having the right team on your side makes a difference. At UnityPoint Health – Trinity in Fort Dodge, Iowa, our experienced providers offer a broad spectrum of heart disease treatments.

Our interventional cardiologists use the latest techniques and technology for cardiovascular disease treatment. And our partnership with Iowa Heart Center enables us to treat more complex cases when needed.

Interventional Cardiology at Trinity: Treatments We Offer

Interventional cardiology is a subspecialty of cardiology that uses catheter-based procedures and specialized imaging to help treat many types of heart disease.

We perform interventional procedures in our cardiac catheterization (cath) lab at Trinity Regional Medical Center. Some of the common minimally invasive procedures we can perform include:

  • Cardioversion: This procedure treats heart arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythms. A doctor delivers an electrical shock to the heart to change its rhythm. 
  • Coronary artery balloon angioplasty: This procedure treats plaque buildup in arteries. During an angioplasty, a doctor opens blocked heart arteries with a balloon and inserts tiny, metal tubes (stents) to hold the artery open. 
  • Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD): This small device delivers a short shock to the heart to stop life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms. A doctor places a cardioverter defibrillator just under the skin in your chest. 
  • Pacemaker insertion: A pacemaker is a small device that treats arrhythmias, or abnormal heart rhythms. A doctor places this device just under the skin in your chest to help your heart maintain a normal heart rhythm. 
  • Pericardiocentesis: Sometimes fluid builds up in the sac around the heart (pericardium). A doctor performs pericardiocentesis with a needle and small catheter to remove the fluid. 

You can find the cardiovascular lab on the first floor of Trinity Regional Medical Center. Patients should use the northwest entrance of the hospital (Entrance C) to register and then take the elevator up one floor to the cardiovascular lab for testing. 

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