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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Whether you're recovering from a heart attack or a heart procedure, cardiac rehabilitation is important to your heart health. Cardiac rehab can help improve your quality of life and lower your risk of future heart problems.

Candidates for cardiac rehab include people who have had a heart attack, angina, heart pain, stent placement, heart bypass surgery, heart valve surgery or heart transplant surgery. 

Cardiac Rehab at Trinity: How the Program Works

A cardiac rehab program helps you recover quicker and learn about healthy lifestyle choices. At UnityPoint Health – Trinity in Fort Dodge, Iowa, our three-phase cardiac rehab program benefits you each step of the way with exercise, education and counseling.

The phases include:

  • Inpatient cardiac rehab: Phase I of cardiac rehab begins while you are in the hospital. The program includes basic cardiac education and an exercise program ordered by a physician.
  • Outpatient cardiac rehab: Phase II includes an exercise and education program for cardiac patients and those considered at high risk for heart disease. Many people in the program have recently been in the hospital for a heart problem such as heart attack or heart surgery. The program includes heart-monitored exercise, education and counseling for patients and family members. You need a physician referral for the program.
  • Maintenance cardiac rehab: Phase III provides an exercise program for continuing and maintaining the healthy habits you learned about in phase II. This self-pay program is available three days per week. Education is provided as needed. You need a physician referral for the program.

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