From now until the end of the year, it's important to FOCUS on what really matters – especially you. Taking time to focus on mindfulness will help reduce stress and improve our daily outcomes. We've partnered with Adam Carroll, a Midwest professional speaker, to produce and provide four, short audio meditation session to help you, FOCUS on YOU. Use these during breaks or at home – whenever you can squeeze in some "me" time.

Setting Morning Intentions (6:58 minutes)

Start your day by nurturing yourself before you launch into your role of helping others. This meditation helps focus you on being proactive rather than reactive. It changes the way you look at things, so the things you look at change.

Two-Minute Mindfulness (2:46 minutes)

As you care for others, invest some time in yourself. This two-minute, stress-reducing activity brings mindfulness and calm to keep you centered, present and peaceful in your daily life.

Gratitude Guide (6:37 minutes)

Every day you help others lead healthier, better lives, but every day isn't easy. Sometimes it's worth slowing down to uplift your spirit and to reflect on the things you are grateful for. This guide cultivates an open and gentle feeling of gratitude for all that is good in your life; for the gift of life itself.

Work-Life Transitional Meditation (10:57 minutes)

Your work-life balance is important. Here's how to separate from giving your all to your patients and your teams—no matter how spent you may feel—and transition on your way home to refill your emotional cup, increase your patience and make your family time as positive and fulfilling as possible.

Introducing... Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll

Adam believes people can build an exponentially bigger life by understanding a few core principles. He explains his theories during his travels as a professional speaker, author, podcast host and filmmaker. Adam is an accredited certified hypnotherapist from American Pacific University. He's also currently a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).