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Trilogy Linear Accelerator 

One of the most innovative radiation therapy tools available today,  Varian's Trilogy system can be used to deliver the widest range of external beam radiotherapy, using the latest image-guidance technology with one of the most powerful and precise radiation beams available. As a result, Trilogy shortens cancer treatment times and targets tumors more precisely. 

Tumor tissues can move, both between radiation treatments and during a treatment, because of breathing and other involuntary movement. This device tracks a tumor's location during treatment and synchronizes radiation therapy with the moving target. This versatile technology's real-time imaging provides us with up-to-the-second data and enables us to monitor tumor motion throughout treatment. This means we can deliver optimal doses of radiation with increased accuracy and avoid harm to nearby healthy tissues. Advanced imaging capabilities built into the system allow therapists to position patients for treatment with sub-millimeter accuracy, making sure the tumor is lined up precisely with the treatment beam before the beam is turned on.