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Breastfeeding and returning to work

When I Return to Work, What Are My Feeding Options?

There are several feeding choices to provide baby all breast milk:

  • Work from home and continue to breastfeed baby
  • Have baby brought to you at work to breastfeed, or go to baby's daycare to nurse
  • Breastfeed often when you are at home & pump while at work. Pump about the same number & times during each day at work that baby would have nursed.

Partial breastfeeding is another option:

  • Breastfeed frequently when you are at home with baby
  • Have baby receive formula while you are at work
  • With this option, about 1-2 weeks before you return to work, slowly wean the 1-2 feedings while you are at work and replace them with formula
  • This option may cause your milk supply to decrease. Continue to nurse frequently when home and when you are off, and that will help your supply.

Complete weaning:

  • Slowly start weaning baby 1-2 weeks before you return to work
  • Wean the 1-2 feedings while you will be at work before you return, replacing them with formula
  • Gradually over the next couple of weeks, continue to wean completely by cutting out another nursing every few days
  • Do NOT wean cold turkey. (Stop abruptly). This is not good for either yourself or your baby.

Please call the UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital Lactation Consultant with questions at (563) 557-2837.